Wafer sensor has a rugged and reliable build. All of its internal components and wiring are isolated from environmental hazards, even the toughest, because the measuring tube and the outer tube both in stainless steel are welded together to provide a hermetic seal. Therefore it’s maintenance free and provide a long-term reliability.
Easy and fast to install and start up.

Designed to meet different needs, especially in process industry for measuring of conductive mediums with a small footprint, high reliability and outstanding value for money.

Even in applications “extreme”: high temperatures (up to 160 ° C) and aggressive solutions or abrasive particles, thanks to the available coatings and wide choice of materials for the electrodes, the meter provides excellent performance.

The flow measurement is absolutely insensitive to density, temperature, pressure and fluid viscosity.

The sensor tube is compatible with Asamag and P Series converters.

Technical Specifications

Available connections: from 1/2″ up to  4″ wafer type. On request process connections customized.

Measuring tube ensures a degree of protection IP65 standard. It is possible to request IP68, for use underground or in flooding conditions.

The inner lining of the measuring tube is PTFE. On request Teflon fiberglass for high temperatures up to 160° C.

Electrodes are made of stainless steel 316L for standard executions; on request Monel, Hastelloy C, Titanium, Tantalum, and others.