This new model, at high performance solutions, both as hardware and software, can be defined as an HI-TEC line, addressed to very demanding customers from the point of view of performance and precision.
Output signal is both analogical and digital; and qualitatively the instrument is very performing, having accuracy < +-0,5% of reading and repeatability of 0,1% r.v.
ASAMAG is also good to be used with any liquids with conductivity better than 5 μS/cm; they are insensitive to temperature and pressure variations, density or viscosity of process fluid.
ASAMAG advantages are:

  • maximum control (also in remote). ASA can provide also a serial interface software usable by PC and the port RS232 (or RS485) of the converter, making possible the visualization and the modification of process parameters.
  • all ASAMAG are equipped with Sensoreprom unit that contains all calibration data of sensor tube and all the settings of converter for the lifetime of the product. Fabrication parameters and instrument size are recordered inside the Sensoreprom together with the working parameters set by customer. In the event of tube substitution, Sensoreprom make it very easy and rapid.
  • great flexibility is intended as the chance to have compact or remote version with the same measuring tube and converter.

For a complete electromagnetic flowmeter you have to combine ASAMAG converter with sensor tube of  Flanged, Wafer or DIN-Clamp-Gas model.

Technical Specifications

The electrical design provide the following outputs:
no. 1 output 0/4-20mA with Hart protocol overlapped (on request)
no. 1 pulse output programmable with intelligent pulse length
no. 2 relays for monitoring, dosing, PID regulation, Alarms
Serial port RS485 or RS232; electrical electrode cleaning (on request).

Two digital input are also present to activate Totalization Reset, Totalization Block, Autozero, Start Stop dosing.

Power supply is available in the following ranges:
20-55 Vdc, 17-45 Vac frequency 50/60 Hz (version 24V)
90-250 Vac frequency 50/60Hz (version 220V).

Data visualization is done by graphical LCD back lighted with optical keys, that allow a rapid and intuitive access to the function menu, without the need of opening the frontal cover lid of the housing, keeping unchanged the degree of protection (IP67) also when setting converter.

The housing of the electronic converter is accured in the aesthetic and good for whichever type of installation (vertical/horizontal/45°), in painted cast aluminium, guarantees a protection degree IP67 (IP68 upon request).

As every flow meters produced by ASA (Asameters) also ASAMAG is rigorously studied and realized with materials of elevated quality, by Italian and European origin, certified and traceable along all production line and the electronic devices inside ASAMAG, are compliant to ROhS directives, ATEX (upon request).