In the new ASA product catalog you find also integrated systems, commonly called panels, for the measurement, control and adjustment of flows, designed in agreement to customer specification for purge gas application, for flow regulation and flushing modules, for the control of pressure and flow.

Our panels are manufactured with high quality materials and have relatively compact-sized dimensions, according to customer specifications. They are pre-manufactured directly in our production site, and need only final installation on the client machine, with great saving time and cost for the customer.

They are equipped with flowmeter, with or without DP flow regulator, filter reducer, pressure gauge.

The high quality parts used for panels are selected from European qualified suppliers and guarantee the top reliability and endurance over time.


Inductive Namur-type alarms for minimum and maximum flow, in monostable or bistable versions (*). They are adjustable over all the scale range and are available also in intrinsically safe version for classified areas according to ATEX regulations.

Microprocessor transmitter (*)
Available only with metal tube execution. 4-20mA analog output with HART protocol and Profibus PA interface (on request). All in 2- wire technology
Available also in intrinsically safe version for classified areas according to ATEX regulations.

(*) varying with type of installed flowmeters and other accessories (pressure gauge, reducing filter, differential flow regulator,…).

Technical Specifications

Panel material is typically stainless steel and on request it can be provided painted in agreement to customer specific painting cycle requirements.

Connections can be flanged or screwed or any other type against feasibility check.

The panel is usually fixed  by U-Bolts brackets to horizontal or vertical piping. Other kinds are available on request.

Our panels are suitable to install different type of Asameters, depending by customer request:
– glass tube Asameters model 1900, 1901, 1903, 1911, 1912, 1913, 1914, 1915
– metal tube Asameters model L , model C, model G

Customized configurations are always available on specific customer request.