Asameters® model P13 are designed for low and medium flows and made in anti-shock plastic material (Polisulfone or PVC depending on the requirement). They are suitable for use with aggressive fluids such as caustic soda, hydrocloridric acid or acids of another kind and in various concentrations.

There are also reading scales in water and air or percentage at the specific request of the customer.

Suitable for all applications where it is required an easy and handy device to install thanks to its glue, threaded or flanged connections. P13 Asameters have been studied and designed for fast on-site maintenance in case of replacement of the measuring tube or float.
They are ideal where it is essential to visualize the fluid flow through the plastic measuring tube and its float, the only moving part which ensures the reliability of measurement in the long run.

These Asameters® not require power supply and therefore are best used in applications where the control and measurement of the flow should not impact too much on the cost of the plant.


Asameters model P13 can be supplied equipped with 1 or 2 min and max alarm flow sensors (Reed bistable type).

Technical Specifications

Available flow-rates are:
AIR               min 250 nl/h   max 100.000 nl/h (@ T= 20° C and P= 1013 mbar a)
WATER       min 3 l/h           max 10.000 l/h

They are equipped with screw-stoppers or glue connections made of PVC and aluminium (on request), or flanged connections made of stainless steel 316L.

The float can be of stainless steel 316L, polypropylene or PVDF, the stoppers are in polypropylene and the measuring tube in polysulfone or PVC on request.