Orifice Asameters S6, also called kinetics, have measuring tube in shockproof plastic and are suitable for the measurement of high flow rates of aggressive fluids (acids and alkali) directly on the pipeline thanks to the metering tube connected with the main orifice plate.
In addition, the connection between the calibrated orifice and  S6 Asameter is adjustable and therefore allows the installation at any angle (not 45 degrees) with flow up or down.
Among their advantages remember first the linearity of the scale that allows to perform excellent measurements at low flow rates, with equally good accuracy, and secondly the economic advantage over the diameter of 2 “, compared to traditional flow devices.
The integrated bypass valve allows to make the maintenance and replacement of the measuring tube, if necessary, with the minimum waste of time and costs.


Available execution with minimum and maximum flowrate alarm signals reed mono-bistable type.

Technical Specifications

The diameters ranging is from DN 50 up to DN 150 according to UNI EN 1092-1 11B standard. On request we design and manufacture other sizes according to different standards.

We can provide flow rates in water and air with full scale values ​​according to the needs of the customer, since the measuring orifice plates are made ​​and calibrated one by one.

– flange, main and secondary orifice plates: PVC. On request PVDF
– measuring tube: polysulfone
– float and stops: polypropylene