ASAMETERS Model 1900 – 1901 – 1903


Asameters® model 1900 – 1901 – 1903 are instant flowmeters for low flows of any type of fluid (gas and liquid), at temperature and pressure conditions kept within glass resistance limits.They differ among themselves for the nominal length of the reading scale.
They have incorporated a needle valve inlet or outlet for accurate flow rate regulation of the dosages of gases and liquids in laboratory processes.
Suitable for all applications where the device must have minimum overall size and be easy and practical to install, especially in series or clamped to control panels.
They are studied and designed for a rapid on-site maintenance in case of replacement of the measuring tube and sphere inside.

They are ideal where it is essential to show the flow of medium through the glass measuring tube and the float, the only moving part, ensuring the reliability of measurement over time.

These Asameters® not require power supply ensuring a cost-free measure even in hazardous areas (ATEX classified). Therefore are best used in applications where control of flow should not weigh too heavily on the cost of the system.


- metering tube housing protection made of plexiglas (mod. 1901-3)

- flow alarm switch for minimum and maximum flowrate

Technical Specifications

Suitable flow-ranges are
AIR              min 5 nl/h            max 2.100 nl/h @ T= 20° C and P= 1013 mbar a
WATER      min 0,07 l/h        max 70 l/h.
On request they can be made reading scales related to the specific medium of the  customer.

Nominal length of reading scale: mm 63 (Model 1900) – mm 90 (Model 1901) – mm 240 (Model 1903)

Rear connections: ¼” gas-F or NPT-F; special executions on request.

Manufacturing materials are: stainless steel 316L; Noryl (mod. 1900 only); or chromium-plated brass.