Asameters® model V6, proprietary, are flap type flow meters with flow rate reading by pointer, output signal 4-20 mA and HART-Protocol (power supply: 24Vdc ± 10%).
Suitable for water and gas flows are designed for applications with horizontal or vertical mounting position.
They are indipendent of viscosity of the fluid and insensitive to any solids in suspension.
Do not require straight sections upstream or downstream and there are no pressure losses during the measurement.
They ensure 25 mc/h in water with DN25 flow diameter.
Small sizing, low weight and  magnetic coupling reading make these Asameters® practical and easy to use where they are needed low cost of installation and maintenance.


Can be mounted one or two alarm sensors for minimum and maximum flow rate, inductive Namur type, CENELEC, intrinsically safe EEx ib IIC T6 approved.

Technical Specifications

High flow rates in WATER ranging from 25 m3/h up to a maximum of 250 m3/h, while in the standard versions models V6 are available from 6 m3/h up to 65 m3/h.

Standard connections are threaded f/f  2″  for DN25-32-40-50, on demand reductions are made up to 1″ gas f.
For DN65 and DN100 the connections are available for installation between flanges PN10-PN16-ANSI.

In standard version this Asameter is all made ​of Polyamide-Nylon glass fiber-reinforced with the exception of the deflector in stainless steel 316L. On request it’s possible to manufacture V6 Asameters in aluminum or s.s. 316L.